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Since many years, the 95-year old Jesuit and professor of Business Spirituality, Paul de Blot has been a great source of inspiration for me. The last recollection day in his company, just a few weeks before his passing on December 15th 2019, led me to a state of clarity and gratitude.
Right there inside me where everything that matters is present.

Like an iceberg, only 10% of us is visible, 30% partly visible and invisible and 60% completely out of sight.

The invisible part is our Being, the part for which we have no words, there where we are and experience friendship, trust, love and connection. Our source of vitality and creativity.

If we live and work from this source we have unlimited energy and we can work tireless on good things. We are then open for connection with the greater whole of creation in which everything is connected and in unison. Us people, are part of this. All of nature’s elements are within us. We are nature, nature is in us. To be in touch with this is an experience that cannot be captured in words.  With confidence and joy, Paul teaches us to care for and nurture this part of us.

The power is in what you don’t see,” is what Paul says. This gives me the confirmation that my mission as MOROSOPH, revealing the invisible, is completely right for me. In this way I contribute to becoming aware of the coherence in the world and what your role can be in this. Every one of us has the MOROSOPH within them. The moment you become aware you will gradually see the opportunities to use this force. The MOROSOPH works from that same part that is invisible, the Being. Discovering your own needs and desires and living and working from this insight helps you to wake up the MOROSOPH in you. The language of your rational self tells us what we must and want to do. The language of our heart, of the MOROSOPH, tells us what we dare and allow ourselves to do. The language of the mind divides us, the language of the heart unites. Be a MOROSOPH!

Meer informatie, artikelen en boeken Paul de Blot: http://pauldeblot.nl/

In memoriam Paul de Blot door Jeff Gaspersz



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